January 5, 2014

{Already Planning for Summer}

Yep that's me. The over planner. But then again we have been saying we could go on a big vacation next year for 3yrs. So I want this to be amazing! I already had a sort of dry run with our trip to St. Louis last summer. I know how much I can fit in the back of my car, what we need to take and what we can leave at home, and what worked and what didn't. Honestly, I'm shocked that we got as much as we did in my little Tuscon lol. But we made it there and back. Of course St. Louis is a 2hr trip and Florida is 18hrs but I think we'll make it :).

Oh yeah, we're totally going to Florida!! I already booked the hotel and everything. I'm so excited! I got on expedia (since I had such good luck with it last time) and searched for 3-4 star hotels near Disney since that's where we had initially planned on going when we talked about heading to Florida. I was going to stay on a Disney resort but honestly we weren't planning on staying a whole week or anything, so it was just not financially smart for us to do that. Anyway- I found The Blue Heron Beach Resort. It looks amazing from the pictures and the reviews are pretty much stellar. So I'm hoping it doesn't suck and it's not under construction like the hotel in St. Louis. Not that that hotel was horrible, I just wish I would have known it was under construction when I booked it. We got the family suite which is described on the site as "The one-bedroom Family Suite measures 885 square feet (including the balcony) and has a King bed in the master bedroom as well as a bunk bed off the corridor leading from the front door to the kitchen / living area.  This suite is ideal for two adults and two children.  There is also a queen-size sofa sleeper in the living room." Not just that but it also has a washer/dryer so I can wash clothes should I choose to do that before we leave. Which I might so that we're not transporting wet suits and such for 18hrs in the car. I'm also thinking I might pack some cereal or something so we can make breakfast and save a little money in that area at least. I don't know though we shall see about that.

I am just so excited! The kids are going to have such an amazing experience. None of them have been that far from home before. 

Now to figure out what to do with the dogs...