January 15, 2014

{A Vacation Dilemma!}

As the cold wind blows outside and my furnace struggles to keep us all from freezing to death, I am setting my focus on our summer vacation. Maybe thinking about the hot summer heat of Florida will keep my toes from getting frost bite *shudders*. So lets talk about that, while I pull my blanket a little closer around me.

We already booked our hotel in Florida for the middle of August. Originally I thought we were clear on where we would go while down there. But D through a wrench into my plans when he said "Disney is stupid, I'd rather go to Universal or Sea World". I've been to Sea World (thanks to my aunt and uncle) and I was not super impressed. Plus there is quite a bit of controversy over that place and the whales or something. I don't know. I just know I don't want to spend my money or time there. So I settled on Universal. But now as I'm planning this trip and trying to research it, I'm not so sure that's the right choice for our kids right now.

Universal seems to be geared more towards older kids and teens/adults. The rides (aside from some roller coasters and water rides) seem to be most 3D. That's not really the experience I'm looking for. If I'm going to pay that much to get in the park to begin with and stand in line all that time, I want a real ride. Something I can video and take pictures of. That can't happen on a 3D ride.

Disney I have experienced before. When I was 15 my grandparents took all 4 of us (and my great-grandmother) to Disney Land in California. I had an amazing time! We went on a ton of rides and met Mickey :). I loved it! And ever since I've been itching to go back, but I want to go to Disney World. We have wanted to take this trip since Gaige and Dawn were little, but we didn't have the money for a trip like that. Then I had Owen and I didn't want to waste money going on a trip like that with a baby when he wouldn't even remember it or know what was going on. Plus, like previous years, we just didn't have that kind of money. This year, we finally can afford something like that and all 3 kids are old enough to remember it and have as good of a time as I did.

D is unconvinced. So I'm going to throw some prices at him instead lol. For 5 tickets at Universal it'll be $634 (not including tax). That is for 2 parks (Universal & Island of Adventure) and the Express Pass (meaning we get to wait in a shorter line I guess lol) is $1,000 (not including tax). I don't think there will be enough to do there for the kids to justify that kind of money. Am I right? With Disney 5 tickets with Park Hopper Pass (meaning we can jump from park to park) it will be $680.56 (that's including tax). That's for 4 parks.

I don't know what's going to happen. I do know that the tickets need to be purchased a soon as it's warm out so we have them and we don't have to worry about it come August.

Ugh. I'm just gonna go on planning for Disney I think because that's the place we will have the most fun and D can deal with it lol. Right?