October 25, 2013

{Starting Early & Making a Dent}

D and I are usually among those people still Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. Not my fault I tell you! But this year we have decided to take a different approach and start early! We have already made quite the dent in our lists too.

Drama Queen is the easiest to shop for. She's a girl and I'm a girl and I tend to pick out things that I would like. And because of that she usually makes out like a friggin bandit! As of right now though, she has one more thing left unchecked on our list and then she's done in October! Yeah I can't believe it either.
She is getting; 2 outfits (bought during the BF in July sale at Bergners), 4 Monster High dolls (bought at Kroger for $5each), a pair of headphones (regular $25 I got them for $5), an MP3 player (we found it at Menard's for $10). And then today we picked up her big gift, a white Samsung Galaxy tab 3 from Costco (on sale from $300 to $180). I still want to pick her up a case for it but other than that and stocking stuffers, is so done! I can't even believe it! We've gotten the boys a few things and I have a few things in mind. But neither of them are even close to being done. And G is so friggin hard to buy for cause he doesn't want anything but Army stuff. *Sigh*

So yeah, there we have it. 1 down and 2 to go :)

Have you started shopping yet?