October 19, 2013

{I Went Shopping Today!}

D went on the bike with his dad to Navuu (sp?) so I got money to go shopping ;) Do you see how he does that? He does what he wants to, but he knows that if he doesn't want me to bitch he can't let me sit at home all day lol. So he gave me some monies and I was off to spend it!

My first stop was to Target (of course) where I found nothing I wanted but make-up wipes. I got the Boots No7 brand. They are more expensive but I have yet to find a brand that I like as much as these. The wipes are wet enough but not so wet that they drip (which usually it's either or).

After Target I headed to Ulta. Because honestly if I have money and I'm in town, I'm at Ulta. I browsed around but I didn't pick up anything but my Nyx Pore Filler. Which is a great dupe for the Benefit Porefessional (which is an amazing primer!). It's only $13 to Benefits $30. Yikes! So I'll stick with this and buy my beloved Benefit when I really have extra money ;)

Then I went to Gordmans where I found a hoodie for Boss Hogg. He's not liking his coat at all, and I know he's freezing outside when he has to go out. It's blue with a little hood, and a leash hold, and says STUD in white lol. He's going to hate me for it but I know he needs it. And I got Little Boy a Ninja Turtle Mutagen Ooze Sewer Cruiser. It comes with with the mutagen lol.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, and Rue21 without picking up anything. Sad I know.

I went to Menards and got D a gift he said he wanted ;) And I took pics of a camera he said he wanted so that I can look for reviews. I don't want to buy it and then him not be able to use it cause it's crap quality.

At Wal-mart I picked up some screen protectors for my phone. I also picked up a black Rimmel 60second nail polish (which I do not like at all btw). And I also bought a package of mens t-shirts for myself. My torso is too long and my boobs are too big for womens t-shirts. Especially sine they aren't really t-shirts. And that shit annoys me. Ugh!

Drama Queen and I also ate at Sonic which is (besides Chili's) my favorite place to eat!

We also went to Dollar General where I picked up some head bands to keep my hair out of my face when I'm washing it, a sticky hand for Little Boys stocking (cause he loves 'em lol), and a new pair ear buds cause the ones that came with my phone are crap now. >:(

So that's what happened. I'm broke again. *Sigh*