October 4, 2013

{Things That Annoy Me}

I'm currently 30 (there's a rant all on its own...am I right lol) so I've had quite a while to discover what really annoys the piss out of me. Of course half of theses things have to do with people and therefore nothing can be done about them...but whatever. They're annoying as crap anyway. So here we go!

1. People who chew with their mouth open. I don't know about anyone else sitting at the table (judging by the looks I'm exchanging with them while watching you, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they aren't too fond of this either) but this just grosses me out. My grandpa tends to do this and even though he's old (in his early 70s) I still tell him to knock it off. I should not be able to hear you eat unless its a crunchy food. And in that case, chew as quietly as possible. For real. Its friggin disgusting.

2. People who do not know how to park. I am not the most excellent driver ever. I'm the first to admit that I can't believe they even gave me my license lol. But its people that can't park between those 2 yellow (or white in some lots) lines that have me all frustrated. Especially during after school pick up. The best spots fill up fast so I get there pretty early. And without fail at least 1 person is parked way too close to a line. And naturally the spot on the other side is wheelchair so I can't use it. *sigh* So I end up having to scoot my car over closer to another car. Its throwing off the whole damn line! Its bad enough that the spots are angled the completely wrong way. Get it together people!!

3. People who don't watch their kids. We had little boys bday party at Chuck E Cheese's last night and omg. Every time I go there I'm reminded why I don't go there more often. There is at least one family with more kids than adults and all the kids are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Its already straight up chaos in there. Watch your heathens people! One kid opened the friggin emergency door by the stage and set off the alarms! His whole party was just sitting there. Watching. Like really people?? Then another kid about G's age asked husband for some tokens. o.O yeah.

4. People who make sexual comments about everything. I grew up with 2 brothers and their friends and plenty of uncles and male cousins. Boys think about 3 things; food, money, and sex. I get that. But constantly referencing my boobs or other body parts or sexual acts is just annoying. I expect it out of teenagers. Not adults.

5. People who only call when they want something. Within the last couple years we have experienced this from mainly 1 person (if you think I'm talking about you...I probably am). Its not only annoying that someone looks at us and only sees a potential shopping trip or concert tickets but its also rude. If you haven't contacted us in months then don't expect us to spend money on you. And just so you're aware...we know when you start calling in Oct that you're letting us know you're still around because of Christmas. Not working this year. #sorrynotsorry

6. Commercials. I don't see why there are so many. An hour long show should not consist of 30min of ads.

7. Tweens/Teens. Need I say more? Lol

8. People who tell me how to parent. I should clarify this, people who have never raised a child, telling me how to parent. I have been around kids my entire life. I babysat kids from the time I was old enough to stay home alone to when I found out I was pregnant with G. I know a thing or 2 about babies/kids. You have not raised a child from start to finish...you have no idea what you're talking about.

9. Parents that try to out do each other. Aren't we all in the same club here? None of us know exactly what we're doing and none of us have the "right" answer all the time. We do what we feel is right for our kids and that's all you can do. End of story.

10. Skinny girls who think they're fat. 110lbs and in a size 4 is not fat.

11. People who say breastfeeding is gross. o.o Shut the hell up you uneducated jackass. How the hell do you think people fed their babies before formula was created? You just sound ridiculous when you say that shit. And it honestly makes me want to get violent. Just saying. And I'm not bashing formula feeders either. G was a bottle baby. I have nothing against that. I don't care how you choose to nourish your child, as long as they're fed whatever. But I don't call formula gross so stop calling my boobs gross. Before WE sexualized them they were used as FOOD.

I think that's enough for now. Don't be surprised if there's another one to follow.