June 20, 2017

{We Made It To Vegas! | Was She Wearing Underwear?}

It only took us a couple hours to get to Vegas from the Grand Canyon. Thank the lord cause I was beyond over being in that car by that point.

Driving up on the strip was an experience. It's funny how when you see something on TV, it ends up looking nothing like you imagined it. Of course I'd been there once before, when I was fifteen. I'm guessing that everything looks a little more exciting from the eyes of a teenager right?

Our first stop when we got into town was the Harley store (of course). We had several orders for t-shirts from Vegas, so we picked those up so they would be out of the way. I have to say, this store was pretty big and D was in seventh heaven in there lol.

Rolling down the strip was interesting also. There were stores for pretty much everything you could think of.

Since BSB was playing at the Axis at Planet Hollywood I got a room there. I wanted to be able to park and not get back in the car until we left. I'm glad we did that. Judging by the amount of traffic we saw while there, driving in that BS to get anywhere on the strip (not to mention trying to find parking at every place we went) would have been a new kind of hell. We parked on the 5th floor, and found a decent parking spot. We left our luggage in the car until we checked in. Which was a process to say the least. If you're not using valet parking you kind of have to make your way through the shops at PH to check in. Check in was painless though. I was honestly worried about it since having to cancel my reservations and make new ones after they rescheduled the show was a hassle and a half. I had also never used Price Line before and I was nervous about how it would work. But my reservation was there and we were good to go.

After seeing on the BSB facebook group that someone staying at MGM had found bed bugs, I had the husband do a big bug check (everyone should know what to look for when it comes to bed bugs and the like at hotels. I just so happen to be married to a former pest control guy lol). He ripped the bed apart after thinking he saw a bug on the floor, it was not a bug. But knowing he did a full inspection of the area made me feel a lot better.

After relaxing in our room for a little while and decompressing from the long drive, we had dinner at Panda Express and walking through the Miracle Mile.

My first stop was to the Axis store where I was in Backstreet Boys merchandise heaven! I picked up a new hoodie and a baseball T. I was pretty excited too because I hadn't brought enough shirts and I was worried I wouldn't have anything to wear to the concert lol.

Then we walked the strip for a little while. Now I know why my grandparents only had us go to Caesars and walk around. Vegas is no place for children. Except, oddly enough we saw a ridiculous amount of children walking the strip. Go figure.

We walked past homeless people, half naked girls, one guy wearing a banana hammock (of all things to wear...wtf?), and then a woman laying on a concrete wall that had a tear in the crotch of her pants. I asked D if she was wearing underwear...I couldn't bring myself to confirm. He didn't think so lol. It was certainly an experience. There were also a ton of guys standing on the corners passing out cards for hookers. D said that since prostitution isn't legal in city limits they pay these guys to had out their cards. I was a little shocked. Then we saw a guy walking around with a sign that said need cash for weed. What's insane, is that people were probably giving him money lol. I wish I could have gotten his picture.

Since we knew we had a full day the next day to roam and check out different spots, we headed back to the hotel room and hung out there the rest of the night. Not exciting I know. But our feet were killing us by the end of our journey. We walked pretty much all of one side of the strip. It was crazy. I got so many steps that day!

So that was our very first day in Vegas. Stay tuned for Day two and of course pics from the show!