June 21, 2017

{Vegas Day 2 | Just Chillin' With My BFF Britney}

Waking up the next morning in the hotel was exciting to say the least. Mainly because I knew that my boys were there, and that in just a few hours I'd be standing in front of them. Soaking up the same oxygen. Watching them do what I love to watch them do! But since we had a full day free, we got moving and made our way to the strip after ordering an awesome breakfast from room service.

Our plan for the day was to check out every hotel on the strip and see if it was better than ours. But we ultimately wanted to go to Madam Tussauds wax museum in the morning before everyone else got up lol. It didn't open until 10am so we hung out at the Venetian shops. There's a little river you can ride up and down on a gondola on, very pretty. We didn't do it, and none of the stores were open yet, but it was a nice little walk. And now we can say we can saw it I guess.

Madam Tussauds did not disappoint though that's for sure!

After that fun adventure we crossed the street and went down the other side of the strip. We found another Harley store in Caesars. They were having a promotion where you spend $75 and get a free book bag worth $40 so we ended up with that. Picking up Owen a shirt, some more poker chips, a t-shirt for someone D works with, and some ear buds for Gaige.

We made our way down the opposite side of the street as our hotel, and went in the Luxor (I have no idea why my mother insisted on staying here...it's literally full of douche bags) and Excalibur. D wanted to see what kind of games they had in the basement (it's mainly just a smaller chuck e cheese. Nothing special.)

Something we were loving on adventure were these little conveyor belts! Made the walk so much easier. I almost busted my butt on a few so I finally gave up and just walked lol.

We had lunch at Shake Shack which was enjoyable also. But packed. It's worth a stop. The ice cream isn't that wonderful but the burger was delicious.

 As we were making our way out of Excalibur we stumbled upon the most amazing little shop! At first we thought it was treats, there were cakes, cookies, and cupcakes in the window. But then we thought maybe it was some kind of aroma therapy store because it smelled so good in there. Come to find out, it was soap. Hand made by one family. I am currently obsessed. We ended up getting me a tub of Sweet Green Tea Cream Whip (but I think I'm going to order a tub of Marshmallow Fluff too!) and Dawn a cute little cupcake soap. I'm in love with them! If you're in Vegas you must stop in and check it out! It's called Sweet Bubble. So completely worth it! The website doesn't even have all of their scents. You have to go to the actual store for everything but you can get an idea of what it's like on the website. I never thought I'd say this but I like it more than Bath & Body Works (shocker, I know!)

By the time we were ready to get back to the hotel, my feet hurt so bad I wanted to cry. Stopping and resting them weren't even doing anything at that point. By a stroke of luck we happened upon a massage parlor. it felt so good to have my feet rubbed. And made it possible for us to walk the rest of the way back to the hotel. That, my friends, is where we stayed until about 6pm when it was time to start getting ready for the show.

So that's how the second day went. Stay tuned for my pics of the show!