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June 13, 2017

{Greetings from The Grand Canyon! | Road Trip Day 1}

Hey folks! I was going to wait to until we got back to blog about our trip, but I'm sitting here in our hotel room and there's nothing else to do. So I figured why not get a post out?

So far our trip has pretty decent.

We left our house on Sunday afternoon, driving through Iowa and into Nebraska over night. We knew there wouldn't be anything special about those two states and nothing to really look at. Besides, we both prefer to travel long stretches at night when there are mainly just semi's on the road. Less issues and all that jazz.

We drove pretty much all night, stopping a couple times to nap at rest areas. It was worth it. We got to Colorado when the sun was coming up and got to drive through the whole state in the light and see the amazing mountains.


The pictures don't do the mountains justice. They are huge and amazing and they go through the entire state of Colorado. But my favorite part of the drive up until that point was watching D see them all for the first time. He was so excited and in such awe. I loved it!

And then we got into Utah. And that's where the fun pretty much stopped lol. We saw pretty much nothing through the entire state. Until we got almost out of it. In fact, we almost ran out of gas because we couldn't even find a station anywhere at one point. Our GPS signal kept going in and out through the whole state because there was just nothing out there. When we finally saw a sign saying a town was just 25 miles away, we sighed a little in relief. Only to drive about 60 miles before actually making it to the town! It was pretty insane. I think someone needs to go out there and correct their signage.

We did see this arch driving through the never ending Utah landscape. D thought it was pretty cool.

We both agreed that Utah has literally nothing we ever want to see again lol.

There was also no signage saying we had crossed into Arizona. Which we thought was pretty insane. I had to attempt to check in on Facebook so we could find out where we actually were (we didn't want to close out D's GPS directions for fear that it wouldn't resume).

I'm going to leave this blog there for now. We made it to the Grand Canyon obviously, but I think this post is long enough lol. I'll post all of our adventures and the hotel review tomorrow!