January 11, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday!}

Since my wedding planning blog isn’t wanting to publish to FB I decided to just start updating here :). Everyone reads this one anyway, right? ;)

On Friday we finally paid for our venue! I’m so super excited! We’re having the whole shabang in one place so it’s cheaper (which D loves).



This is our space! I pretty much grew up here, not that I spent a lot of time here, but it’s where my dad always was when my mother would have to go hunt him down. Since it’s a bar & a bowling alley (other side of the building). I’m really excited!

I also decided on my centerpieces.


Pretty right? My mom and her husband bought a house and the lady they bought it from left a ton of mason jars in her canning room. So I’m going to use those and just pick up some floating candles at Michaels and some of that stuff to tie a bow. I don’t know what it is in the picture..I’m gonna have to find out. Hmm..

I’m starting to get super excited though!! Woohoo!! Oh oh! And D’s aunt is going to take our pictures! Yay! So now the only big things left are dresses for me and the bridal party, the caterer, and the alcohol (which we can’t order until March). Things are FINALLY coming together for this thing.