February 15, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday}

I know! I know! I'm trying hard to contain myself right now! 47 days as of Tuesday (cause that's when I'm writing this post lol). I can not friggin' wait to get to this day! And so much has been getting done lately that I'm almost done planning completely. I can't believe me it has only taken me 2mo. to plan an entire wedding. All of the wedding websites (including weddingwire which is what I use and love) say it takes a year to plan. I disagree. Sure it does if you're spending $20k but we're not and I did it in 2 months..under 2 months actually lol. So it can be done ladies :).

I ordered the bridesmaids dresses Saturday and they were shipped today :).


I'm so excited to get them.

I also bought my dress (woohoo!!!) and my shoes (they're amazing!). I can not wait!