October 28, 2011

{I am not a hunter..}

Or a fisher for that matter, but I do enjoy it once in a while. So when D said that I just had to see the new Bass Pro Shop in the next town, I was not excited about it. In fact, I told him he was on crack and he could spend as much time there as he pleased but I had no interest. I'd been to one years ago and was not impressed. Honestly at this point I'll take any adventure I can get because my life is that boring.

We walked through the front door of this store and it was like we were going into a friggin' amusement park. They had those turn styles greeting you (I'm guessing to see how many people came in) and then the place was just filled to the ceiling with awesomeness. Even the bathrooms were awesome with a traveling theme (vintage luggage around the ceiling and all). There are video games through (which T loved but since he's grounded again he couldn't play them) and a shooting game where they had animals popping up you could shoot at. It was pretty cool.

They also had a giant fish tank filled with cat fish, gar, and a 'dog fish' which I thought was hilarious. They had this MASSIVE catfish in there though, it was probably heavier than the little boy (who was freaking out the entire time he could see any kind of animal anywhere. He wanted nothing to do with them). There was also a candy store with fudge! OMG! I wanted some SO bad but I knew I shouldn't so I didn't even bother lol. I did find wax lips though which thrilled me because I haven't seen them since I was little (shut up! That wasn't that long ago!), and I immediately thought stocking stuffer when I saw them.

Oh! I got a new candle too! It smells like coffee heaven! I can't wait to burn it! And we have decided what to get some members of our adult family for Christmas. I'm pretty excited about it! :)

They also have this adorable little cabin in the middle of the store that's set up high off the ground so you can't actually go in but there are holes in the floor and they put so much detail into setting that thing up! It's amazing!

I really think if you haven't been to Bass Pro you should go check it out :)

After that we went to dinner at Chilli's (because Uncle Bucks in Bass Pro was packed).

In all, it was an enjoyable night. One that I so desperately needed. I felt like I was going stir crazy!