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October 18, 2011

{Bet You'll Think Twice}

T got grounded last Friday for his usual BS (fit throwing, back talking, ect) and just got his xbox back on Sunday. He would have gotten it back on Saturday but he chose to sit there and argue with me instead of just doing as he was told, and going to his room.

I gave his xbox back and with it, came new rules. Rules that I had thought out and had planned consequences for. Rules that I do not feel are unfair or make me the 'evil step mother'. I think I am being quite lenient when it comes to this issue. My parents wouldn't have been.

Anyway- before I handed him the xbox to plug back in, I laid out the rules.

1. You are not allowed on any video game system (this includes, xbox, wii, and DS) until 3pm. No if, ands, or buts about it.

2. At dinner time (so around 5-6pm) the games go off but he can still use his xbox for netflix. We don't have a cable box for his room and we're not getting one. So that is how he watches tv up there.

For consequences I am taking no prisoners. If I have to remind him of the rules once, that is his warning for the day. End of story. I'm not warning him and then reminding him of the warning just to warn him again 10min. later.

D went and got T's DS from his grandmas house and all of the games that he could salvage (he doens't