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October 6, 2011

{Why didn’t *I* think of that??}

G is a picky eater. He gets it from the other half of his gene pool. It drives me crazy. Basically the only thing he will eat is tacos (minus the lettuce), pizza (without any veggies), mac&cheese, and spaghetti (unless I put onion in it). *sigh* So naturally school lunches are a problem. I keep the menu on the fridge and he looks every morning to make sure that it’s something he will eat. Usually there is at least 1 thing he likes. Like today, they have a choice between hamburger or BBQ Pork, corn, & peaches. He will eat the hamburger, corn, & peaches…won’t touch the BBQ.

Because he is so picky it’s also really hard to find substitute things to send with him. It has to be something sort of easy and it has to be something he already knows he likes. Nothing new. The kid is impossible.

So what does any mom with internet access and a knowledge of google do? She searches for lunch box ideas. And look at the golden idea I have come across!



Taco cups!! Why didn’t I think of that?? If there is anything my kid will eat, it’s tacos. He loves them! We’re going to try these gems out and see how they work for him. I’m pretty excited about them myself.

I just had to pass this along.