October 19, 2011

{Think I'll keep him}

I love D.

I know that should be obvious since we're engaged but seriously, I love him. The gauges in my van haven't worked for a month or more. Ever since he took it on a fishing trip with his bff. So I haven't known how fast I was going or how much gas I really had in a long time. But as of 2 days ago, that's fixed!! I'm so excited! All he had to do was tighten up some wires, so yay!

And as of Monday he hooked up my dryer! Over the summer I hung clothes on the line, and that was fine for me. I have always wanted a clothes line because in the trailer we couldn't have one *eye roll*. But when it started getting cold and rainy (as it does in the fall in IL) doing the laundry started becoming a pain in the ass. I couldn't hang it out if it looked like it might rain and although there were clouds in the sky and I thought it might start soon, I could wait all day to see a drop. Resulting in me not getting any laundry done and then everyone is without jeans or a clean pair of socks. It was seriously annoying. So he finally got it hooked up and I can do laundry regardless of what the weather is like.

Before you ask why he didn't hook it up when we moved in, we have a gas dryer and they had an electric hook up. So he had to drill holes or something, I really don't know. All I know is it was a pain and he didn't want to do it, but he did :).

So yeah, I think I'll keep him for a little while longer ;)