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June 5, 2017

{Road Trippin | Harley Adventures | Harley Museum}

I'm not going to claim to know about or be overly interested in Harley's. Just because we currently have one does not mean I now am an expert in them. In fact, I know absolutely zero about them other than most of the members of my family have one, and they're expensive. So walking into the museum with limited knowledge, was kind of cool. I like museums of pretty much any variety though because I'm curious about history (not all of it, but a lot lol). Especially when it comes to history that directly effects me.

Upon arrival we stood in line to get our tickets. Ending up signing up for a H.O.G membership (for me it was actually Ladies of Harley) instead since it got us in with a discount. And since my husband loves all things Harley at this point.

The museum itself was pretty awesome. It had every Harley model ever made. I took some pictures lol.

As we were leaving to check out the gift shop, the other wives on the trip decided they wanted to try out a couple test bikes they had out. It was on a stand and they had a guy standing there teaching you what to do.

The gift shop was basically another Harley store with museum written on the merchandise. We got the kids a couple goodies but didn't go crazy because our bags were already super full lol.

After buying up the store, we hopped back on the bikes and we were off. Stopping by Lake Michigan so one of the girls could see it, since she hadn't been there before.

Our ride home was much more enjoyable than the ride there lol. We hit a couple more Harley dealerships and picked up some t-shirts. I was so beyond happy to get home and give my butt a rest lol.