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May 31, 2017

{Road Trippin | Harley Adventures | Day 1}

I was going to vlog this trip but decided it would be weird to bust out my phone on the bike lol. Especially since I wasn't really familiar with the other couples we were riding with. But I definitely took enough pictures to share the experience with all you lovely readers (there have to be at least a couple of you right?)

Our weekend started off with meeting two other couples at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. After breakfast we hopped on the bikes and we were off on our adventure. What I had originally thought would be a three hour trip, had been made into a five hour trip with D leading our little pack.

I didn't take too many pictures on the ride up to Milwaukee. It was kind of chilly and rain chased us the whole way. Catching up a few times but never enough to actually need our rain gear.

Until of course we were about half an hour to an hour out. We ended up pulling over and covering ourselves as best we could. Of course it turned out that my gear had dry rotted or something because the pants were torn up the back. I borrowed some boot covers from one of the other riders and I was able to stay dry. Luckily it didn't rain hard, it was just enough to be really annoying and cold. Then as we got into Milwaukee one of the couples we were riding with pulled up beside us and told me my jacket was falling apart. I was wondering why I was starting to get cold again all the sudden.

We stayed at the Iron Horse Hotel. None of us had ever been there before and we were all a little excited to check it out. I will say this, it was really nice. Clean. The place had kind of a vintage aesthetic. But beyond that, we weren't that impressedThe covered parking for the bikes was nice because we didn't want them getting rained on all night. We all checked in and headed upstairs to our rooms to wash the road dirt off and us girls needed to let the feeling come back to our butts lol. Then we headed back downstairs  for food and drinks. This is where shit kind of went south.

We sat down at the bar and got served our drinks (and by drinks I mean, soda, cause I don't drink lol) pretty quick. After two of us couples ordered our food, we headed to a table to hang out and relax. The bar was relatively empty. There were maybe a few more 20 somethings in there playing pool but that was about it. As we sat there a band started setting up, much to our disappointment, they were not good. Our food wasn't bad, however, it took forever to get it. The other couple with us had quite the time trying to even get a menu. So that was annoying. We also had three different people ask the bartender for some water several different times and it still took forever to get some. That was pretty insane. There was a band playing also. That was some kind of experience lol. They played the most obscure "rock" music I've ever heard. I'm positive they did this so that if they screwed up the song, no one would know lol. When D came back down later to check on the bike, he said there were a bunch more 20 somethings down there yelling over the music. Drunk of course.

It was about eight o'clock when we started to trickle back up to our rooms and go to bed. I know. We're so old lol.

The next morning wasn't much better. Our breakfast was slow to come out. And we kept getting dirty looks from the other patrons in the restaurant. Of course we were all decked out in our riding attire. But none of us look like crazy bikers, so I'm not sure what the hell the issue was lol. But this one lady just kept staring at us like we were gross or something. I dunno. Kind of annoying.

Stay tuned for our visit to the Harley Museum! Definitely worth the ride!