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June 7, 2017

{Packing For A Week at Grandmas!}

Oh lordy. We aren't even taking the kids with us and I'm still stressing a little about what to pack for them for their week stay with grandparents. I'm mainly worried about Owen. He hasn't been away from home this long before. So I'm nervous that he will get bored after a couple days (his usual length of time away) and be whining to come home. Being somewhere that has nothing for you to do, is zero fun.

Dawn is going to D's grandma's house for the week. She will get to spend some time with Tristen and she can also come back to the house to care for the animals and bring the mail in. She is in charge of packing her own clothes and her own entertainment (which is mainly her phone since that's the only entertainment she has after breaking her tablet). I don't know what she will end up taking.

Owen on the other hand, I have to pack for. So I'm treating it just like I would if he was going with us. Loading his tablet up with movies he has never seen. Packing his bag. Of course, I don't have to pack too many clothes since my grandma has a washer/dryer. But he will need a few things anyway. I'm going to attempt to pack him everything he would use here within a week so that it's a little more comfortable.

He has:

2 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of shorts
4 shirts
7 pairs of underwear (cause you never know, he might need a bath every night)
4 pairs of socks (cause he's packing his flip flops so he won't wear his shoes that much probably)
1 pair of pajamas (he doesn't sleep in them but he likes to wear them around the house)

Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Bubble bath
Also sending a few of the things he likes to take in the bath with him

Tablet (loaded with a couple new movies)
Phone (cause he will need to call/text/snap his mommy lol)

Comfort Items
His pillow
His Comforter

I just don't want him to uncomfortable or bored while he's there. If I know he's not comfortable or that he misses home too much, I won't be able to have fun on my trip. I'm sure that some people might think I'm going overboard. But my grandpa isn't there anymore for them to hang out with at the shop. And honestly, Owen is not an outdoorsy kid. He's more like his mom in that area. I liked to be inside too. I still do. I'm not up for being outside all the time. Neither is he. That's not saying he won't spend a lot of time outside playing with niece (who lives right next door) but he isn't going to want to only have that to do. Ya know?

Gaige doesn't need to pack anything. He has his own room at my grandma's house with all his clothes and stuff that he might need. So I'm not even worried about him lol.