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July 15, 2016

{Update on Surgery}

If you follow me on snapchat (mrsturnbow) then you know that last Friday (the 8th) D had hernia surgery.

I don't have a ton of details on what actually went down. Sometimes I think he likes to down play how dangerous his job is because he knows I'd never get a minute of sleep. But whatever he was doing at work, resulted in him getting a hernia.

This was back in May. He finally got the approval for workers comp and was able to schedule the surgery.

He was pretty nervous about it, as I think anyone going in for any kind of surgery is. Even I was nervous for him. Luckily he was going to the same surgery center where I had my ankle repaired, so that put us a little more at ease.

We sat in this little room for a good hour and a half waiting for the doctor to get to the center.

When they finally took him back though, things got rolling pretty fast.

I was ushered to the waiting room where I attempted to connect to their crappy WiFi. Why exactly do hospitals not make WiFi some kind of a priority? I am aware they have some other things on their minds, but come on. People are sitting there in the waiting rooms with nothing to do, the least they could do is have WiFi you can actually connect to.

I sat there about an hour, which went pretty fast since I was reading yet another book.

The doctor came out and said everything went fine and that I should make an appointment on Monday. They took me back to see him in recovery about ten minutes after that.

This picture was taken right after he said "take my picture" lol. He was so high I don't think he knows what the hell he was saying, but I was happy to take that picture anyway lol.

We're currently almost a full week out. So far he's doing pretty good. He's walking around like the doctor told him to, but  mainly he just sits in his chair and plays GTA with Owen.

I've got about five more weeks of this, even though he swears up and down that he won't be down that long. With the way he gets sore moving around too much, I know he's not being practical.

So there we have it. He's gonna live.