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July 20, 2016

{Books I Did Not Fall In Love With}

As every bookworm knows sometimes you come across a book that just wasn't good. In fact, sometimes they're just down right awful. I've also learned that sometimes a book is free because no one would download it if it wasn't. 

So here are the ones I wasted my time on.

1. Mrs. Dumont - by Alessandra Torre

This book wasn't awful. But I feel like the characters just never developed like I would have liked. There was no real emotion from any of the characters, not even the female lead.
What would you do if you could leave your life? Wake up one day and be someone else?
I signed the contract. I left Candace Tapers and her slutty, strip club life behind, abandoned every part of that life with one hesitant swipe of my pen. 
The agreement was clear:1. Sex2. Photo ops3. No romance
"I need a wife. I am not signing up for romance, or affection, or a full time job. I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops."
Sex with Nathan was easy. More than easy. Panty-melting, can-never-get-enough HOT. I had begun to think that I could live this new life, showered in luxuries, orgasms, and diamonds. 
Then I started tripping over secrets. 
I read it to the end mainly because I kept hoping it would get better. But it didn't. It was kind of like a lifetime movie to be honest.

2. Unbreakable- Abby Reynolds

This book is awful. Awful. I don't know how the hell it's gotten such good reviews. I can only imagine that they're from fifteen year olds.
Can there be too many pieces to piece back together? 
This is a question Keira faces every day. It’s impossible for her to go anywhere unaccompanied by her cousin, the only person who knows what happened on that horrific night a year ago. The guilt and pain weigh her down every day. Unwilling to open up to anyone and give someone a chance, she lives in solitude. 
For her, that’s the only way to live. 
Liam struggles with his own demons. After losing someone who means the world to him, he combats his anger and pain on a daily basis. He dives into violence and sex, losing himself more and more. But as soon as he meets Keira, he recognizes the same pain he suffers every day. And he pursues her, wanting to connect to someone who understands. 
Keira can’t put herself back together, and neither can Liam. But can they do it together? 
Speaking of fifteen year old's the writing in this book (and I assume the others) reads like the writing I did when I was a teenager. There were no love scenes, not one. The sentence "he was inside me more than he was out" is what annoyed me the most. So she implies that they're having all kinds of sex but she doesn't actually write about it. That's not a romance novel. Even in the tame ones I used to sneak as a teenager the writers were more descriptive. After reading this book, I have no desire to read anything else from her.

3. On My Knees- Meredith Wild

I love this author. Her Hacker series is one of the best I've ever read. But this one I just could not get through at all. I didn't even finish it. That doesn't mean her writing was bad, it's good. It's just the story line that I wasn't in love with.
Haunted by the responsibility of caring for her troubled family, Maya Jacobs gave the only answer she could when Cameron asked her to marry him. Years later, entrenched in a soulless professional routine, she distracts herself from the lingering regret of her decision with a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle that guarantees no man will ever find his way into her heart again.
Cameron Bridge has spent the past five years married to the military, trying to escape the painful memory of losing Maya. After fighting his own war in the desert, he starts a new life in New York City, with his siblings, Olivia and Darren, by his side. 
When fate brings Maya back to him in the heart of a city filled with its own hopes and shadows, can Cameron find the girl he once loved in the woman she’s become?
I've got some more downloaded but I haven't cracked them open yet. So these are it for now. Read at your own risk.