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September 23, 2015

{My Paranormal Experiences}


1. of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena. 

I'll admit it freely, I am absolutely one of those people who loves a good ghost story. I don't know if it's because I like to be scared or if it's the mystery of what happens when we die. In the last year I've become more obsessed. I have watched every episode of A Haunting and My Haunted House there is. I also watch The Dead Files but I'm not a fan since most every episode involves and evil spirit of some sort or another. I'm not naive enough to believe that every single haunting is an evil spirit or a demon come to terrorize someone living in the house. That's just not how it works. But I watch because I can't stop.

Maybe it's because I believe in this type of thing that I have had experiences. I am very open minded when it comes to the paranormal.

What is a Visitation Dream?
Simply stated, a visitation dream is a dream in which a paranormal entity interacts or communicates with a person. Most visitation dreams are the result of a deceased human being. Some claims involve angelic or demonic entities - albeit much less common.
I've had two visitation dreams. The first one had to do with my grandpa Dwight (my moms dad, he passed of cancer 12 years ago). I'm not sure of the reason he came to see me. Maybe he knew I just needed to know he was OK. Maybe it was because he knew what would happen in the years to come. I'm not sure. But I remember it well, several of my family members were in the dream, all in a small room. My uncle stood up to hug my grandpa when he walked in the room, but then he stood aside, looked at me, and said "I think you should take this one" and I hugged my grandpa. I woke up crying and it still makes me cry to this day. I miss him. The family changed so much after he passed and it was pretty hard on everyone.
 My high school graduation party.

The next one I got was just a week ago. My grandpa who recently passed, was more than my grandpa. This man raised me and my siblings. He is and always will be the man I consider my father. I miss him every single minute of every single day. After he passed my siblings and I watched as his belongings were being sold off left and right. Some of the things he'd had since we were kids, some things he purchased long before we were thought of. They were all just flying out the door. It was so hard to watch things he worked his fingers to the bone for be sold off like they were junk at a garage sale. My sister and I had an especially hard time with this. We are emotional, more so when we're together, and I don't think we were emotionally ready for anyone to come in and touch his things when they started to. When talk of a party at his shop (which used to be a gas station) started happening we had such an awful time coming to terms with someone going in and touching his things there. He spent half his life there. He worked there for 49 years. He worked there until he couldn't physically work anymore. And to walk through the door and not see it the way he left it was something neither of us could bare.

In my dream I was driving up to a fair to park, my grandpa was there helping to tell people where to park. He looked just like he did when I was a kid. Healthy and happy. Not sick and tired like he was at the end. I stopped my car, got out, and left. I ran the opposite direction of the fair and ended up on someones porch. I could not handle seeing him there. I could not handle knowing he shouldn't be there. I miss him so much that knowing he wouldn't always be there was what hurt me I think. All the sudden he drove up in the same big white station wagon he had when we were kids, the one with the wood paneling down the sides lol. He held on to that thing long after he should have gotten rid of it. He sat across from me on the porch and as I cried he said "The things aren't what mattered, it was you kids" and then I woke up.
My high school graduation
I know that it all makes me sound crazy, but I think he was watching me have such a hard time with all the change and he needed to reassure me that this was OK. I think he also saw how upset I would get if someone said they needed to work on the motorhome. It kills me a little every time to think that it won't be the same as when he had it. But it will be. Because he'll be there with us when we're in it. And that's all that matters.

So those are two of my paranormal experiences. Have you ever been visited by a loved one? 

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