October 4, 2014

{Owens Birthday Recap}

It always amazes me how much preparation goes into a birthday party (or any event) that is going to last only a couple hours. I planned this out a couple months in advance. Picked out his cake some time in August. We planned to have it at the park in the town I grew up in and I picked up all the goodies we would need a month ago. We chose what food to have and everything weeks before the day. Its kind of exhausting.

Then it turned out that the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us. The high was only going to be 54°. The park would just not do. So we switched it to my grandparents house.

My brother, SIL, and niece were there. As were my sister & nephew, my grandparents, D's dad and step mom, and my mom. My other brother was holding down his bed after a night of being kid less (cause he has no kids lol) and my dad never responded to the invite (there is drama behind that *eye roll*). My cousin and his daughter were also there. D's grandma was supposed to come but she ended up in the hospital yesterday and was released today. So obviously she wasn't going to make it (we understood). 

It was a good time. D bought Little Caesar's and soda. I made the cake. Everyone ate and had a good time...as usual when it's anything to do with my family :).

We sang happy birthday and then opened gifts. D was ready to go home after everything was cleaned up though. So we headed out, it usually takes about an hour to actually get out the door lol. We ended up coming home without Gaige who spent the night with my cousin and swapped him for my nephew. He loves his aunt Kristin ;). 

In all I think Owen had a pretty good birthday. And now the real planning for my favorite holiday begins!! ;)

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