October 10, 2014

{A Walk Down Memory Lane: Owens Birth Story}

So sitting here going through old blog posts (from a Myspace blog) I came across Owens birth story. And it occurred to me that I haven't posted the full story on my actual blog before. So I thought why not? So I hope you enjoy it. I certainly love reading it every now and then. I wish I would have saved the blog I had when I was pregnant with Gaige :(. This is a copy and paste from my myspace blog by the way.

So, by now all of you know that I had junior :). Pretty freakin' awesome huh? But I bet you're all wondering the details. So here we go.
You already know that my BP was high on the 2nd when my doctor told me she was going to induce me instead of having me risk developing toxemia. Well, at midnight on the 2nd I checked in to Pekin Hospital. Both Miranda and I were escorted to the delivery room and they got me all set up. Miranda was of course a huge help to me if only because she was there to laugh with me and keep my mind off the fact that I was nervous as hell! Shortly after midnight (they had to do it then because if they didn't I'd be charged for a full extra day..and that's stupid) I was given this pill (in the hoohoo...who ever heard of such a thing?!) to soften my cervix since I was still only 1cm. Within' about an hour or 2 I started to feel my contractions getting stronger...and they were coming closer together. I thought that was a little odd because the pill was just supposed to open up my cervix, I didn't think it was supposed to put me into full on active (painful) labor. But anyway...after a while went by and the contractions were getting stronger and closer I kept feeling like I had to go pee. So I was up and down 20 different times and each time I would have a contraction while I was trying to pee...but I felt like I wanted to push SO bad. Finally I told my nurse that and she laughed and said OK.
Now, about 20 minutes before that I had asked her for some pain medication because the contractions in my back were the most horrible pain EVER! She just sat there on the f'ing computer or doing paper work or something.
When I told her that I wanted to push she said OK she would check me (after the annoying ass laugh) because she had to do it in order to give me the meds anyway. *Sigh* So she checks me, looks at the nurse and says, "I don't feel her cervix at all, but I do feel his head." *ugh*
So, to make a long story short, I was in labor for 6hrs. Pushed 3 times. And at 6:28am on October 3rd Owen Michael Dwight was brought into the world. He weighed 7lb. 12oz. and was 19in. long!! I had a big ol' baby! I went without meds (there wasn't time!) and had no complications what so ever!
However, Owen did have some problems. For the last 4 days I've been sitting in the hospital because he couldn't seem to keep his glucose levels up. Which has a lot to do with the fact that I was only 36-37wks along (nice right?). But all is well now. We're handling breastfeeding too, but I'm gonna get a pump and see if we can do better with that :). 
We're all just fine though :).

*tear* My little bitty baby isn't so little or bitty anymore. Kinda kills me a little bit.

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