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October 8, 2014

{ChoreMonster: A Review}

I don't know about other houses, but in mine, I do the majority of the household work. I do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and picking up of random things through out. I signed up for this is what I tell myself when I've cleaned off the table for the umpteenth time that day (or afternoon if the kids are at school). I have always wanted to be a  stay at home mom. Since I was a little girl. That (and writing) was my goal. Now I am one and I'm realizing that even though I love being able to raise my kids, and get to go on field trips with Owen and such, I hate being the only one to pick anything up or clean up anything. It drives me up a wall and it will eventually send me to the crazy house, complete with padded room and straight jacket. I swear.

Which is why I have been in the market for a way to entice my little heathens angels to help out around the house and to do their chores. I've tried chore charts, but they didn't really work for my kids. They're boring. And they can't see the incentives. So when browsing Facebook one day, I saw an ad for ChoreMonster. I thought why not? and signed up. I made a list for each one of my kids, and added their rewards.

Dawns Chores and Rewards

 Gaiges Chores and Rewards

 Owens Chores and Rewards

We've been using this app for a little while now, and so far it's doing what it's meant to. Owen still needs some help, and Gaige does most of his stuff but I have to keep reminding him. Dawn is the main one that uses it the most and with the most enthusiasm. I added behavior to her chores. She has to be respectful to all, bring home all her homework (since that is a huge problem for her, she thinks if she doesn't bring it home she doesn't have to do it), and obey all the rules set up for her. So far so good.

I like how they can check off the chores as they do them, and watch their points accumulate. I also like how I can add random points for small things I see them do that aren't on their chore list. Like when Dawn helps Owen with something without being told or throwing a fit about having to do it. I really like how I have to approve the chores before they get the points also. This eliminates the ability to check it off and not do the job. 

What I don't like is that you can't deduct points. I would like to be able to do this when I accidentally check something as done without meaning to (which I've done). 

That's really the only negative I see here.

So if you're searching for a chore chart this is the one to go with. It's available for Android (works on my phone as well as all 3 tablets) but I don't know about Apple products.

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