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October 23, 2014

{ Full Moon Dog Treats Review}

Boss and I had a little adventure today. Its rare that I take a pup with me on errands because I hate leaving them in the car when they can't go in somewhere. But after Lina...I just really want to spend as much time with Boss especially as possible. Her illness came on so fast and I don't want to be saying I wish I would have should something happen with Boss. So he will probably be going a lot of places with me from now on.

Prissy wanted to go to but she ate another harness so she couldn't. Brat.

Anyway, I stopped at Walmart and was browsing through the dog treats when I found these. Full Moon Natural Dog Treats. I am usually pretty apprehensive about buying anything for my dogs at Walmart. But these only had 4 ingredients and none of them were harmful. I was also happy to see that they dont have salt or sugar. Which is a huge petpeeve of mine. Dogs do not need salt or sugar people. So I thought why not try something new?

I gave one to Boss when I got in the car. He loved it. So much that I gave him another when I went in Kroger to pacify him lol. When I came out he was in the backseat attempting to get more treats from my purse lol. Sneaky puppy!

When we got home Prissy got one too and put her stamp of approval on them.

So I think I'll pick up the bigger bag the next time I'm over there :)