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October 21, 2014

{I am Heartbroken}

Boss is sitting on my lap right now. He has always been able to sense when I need some extra puppy cuddles. And today I need a lot of them. I posted on my personal Facebook about my sweet chihuahua Lina but haven't posted about it elsewhere. I don't know how I'm going to get through this post. I've been rather emotional all day.

On the 13th (oddly enough 11yrs ago on this day I picked her up from her breeder) I got a message on Facebook from the friend who has Lina. She had suddenly become ill and had been rushed to the emergency vet. She was lethargic and not able to eat or drink. They ran many tests and found nothing. My friend took her to their regular vet that Wednesday and they be an more tests.

Her white count was high and her red count was low (or maybe it was the other way around). She was still not eating or drinking and had to be given meds to keep her hydrated and to give her some kind of an appetite.

They ran more tests and still found nothing. They thought it would be spleen cancer or she could have an autoimmune disease. They prescribed prednizone. She was to take that for 28 days and if it was an autoimmune disease she would start feeling better.

She did not. They were having to force feed her and force her to drink. My friend said that she was putting nutrical on her tonguso she didn't get hypoglycemic.

This morning I woke up to most awful message I've ever gotten. She was gone. She passed in my friends arms.

I am so upset. She was my girl. My first little furbaby. I was her first mommy. The world is just so darkknowing she isn't in it anymore. Knowing I will never see her again.

Rest in peace my sweet girl. I was lucky to have you for as long as I did.