October 8, 2014

{First Time Tag!}

1. FIRST Youtube video you ever watched? I honestly couldn't even tell you lol. It was way too long ago.

2. FIRST person you subscribed to on YouTube? I think that would be MissJenFabulous

3. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
Well. Yeah. I married him. I dated other guys and I might have thought I loved one or 2 but I learned when I met D that those were mainly infatuations. It wasn't love.

4. FIRST kiss? Omg. My first kiss was in 3rd grade on the bus. With a boy name Johnathan who ended up moving in 4th grade :(. We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" all school year though lol.

5. FIRST alcoholic drink? Probably wine coolers. Which is funny now because they make me sick lol.

6. FIRST car? The first one that was ever mine and mine alone, a green cavalier :). D bought it for me because he got tired of me not being able to come see him because my grandma would always want the car she bought for me.

7. FIRST job? I babysat a lot. But my first job at a place..a busser at the French Toast.

8. FIRST pet? A Scottish Terrier named Jack :). My grandparents rescued him as a puppy. He hated all kids but me ;)

9. FIRST celebrity crush? Umm..this would have to be Joe from NKOTB.

10. FIRST real boyfriend? Uh, well the first guy who ever took me on an actual date..a guy named Mike. We went out 5mo. Turned out I was the side chick. Not cool.

11. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? My sister.

12. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Mrs. Fischer

13. Where was your FIRST sleepover? I'm going to guess it was at my friend Nicki's house.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Checked my phone for the time.

15. FIRST concert you ever went to? NKOTB. I was 7.

16. FIRST broken bone? Never had one.

17. FIRST movie you remember seeing? My uncle and one of his girlfriends took me to see Snow White when I was really little. I fell asleep.

18. FIRST sport you were involved in? I don't do sports lol.

19. FIRST tweet? Probably something lame.

20. FIRST Facebook profile pic? Probably one of my kids lol.

21. FIRST piercing? I got my ears pierced when I was 14. But then I got my belly button pierced at 18 and my tongue done at 19 lol.