April 4, 2013

{I should be asleep}

But I'm not. Obviously.  I'm blogging at 2am. I can't help it, I haven't been sleeping worth a crap lately at night. Don't ask why I couldn't tell ya. Maybe its my Netflix ocd? I think I have to watch all seasons of a show at once. I can't help it. And since I missed the last 2 seasons of the L Word I have been trying to figure out what I missed. Not that there are any new episodes or anything but I've always wondered what happened.

Anyway- so that's whats going on tonight. Well that and I have this monster headache right now. I had it when I woke up this morning and I've been downing tylenol like its friggin jelly bellys all day and it just won't go away! I'm starting to wonder if maybe its the weather or something in the house that's causing it. Either way...effing annoying and ridiculously painful.

I guess I should go ahead and go to bed...since my phone is dying and this episode is almost over lol.