April 30, 2013

{Didnt think you could fall in love with a phone}

I got my Galaxy s3 Saturday!! I am so in love with it I could die! The camera takes amazing pictures and it has a front facing camera also so that is a huge bonus. I can take pictures of myself again lmao! The OS is pretty good and a lot faster than my mesmerize (D took that one). I absolutely love that it zips from one app ti the next with the greatest of ease. I can also answer texts and such and get right back to what I was doing before I had to answer. I'm in love with all the apps I can get too that were not available to me before or that were but would lock up my phone or run too slow to bother attempting to use them. Its been a pretty good buy so far :).

Something I'm not in love with, however, is the keyboard. I had my mesmerize set ti the Android keyboard because I wasnt a fan of the Samsung one. This phone does not allow you to switch to another keyboard. It does have the swype feature already on it though. Not that I use it cause swype makes me feel stupid lol. But its nice to have if I ever decide otherwise. And I dont have to get used to a whole new keyboard if I want to use it.

So that's my little review of my new Galaxy s3. And for those wondering why I didnt just get the s4...I didnt want it lol. Im not one of those people that has to have the latest phone. I wanted this one a year ago and couldn't get it. Now I got the one I wanted :).

Now here is a pic I took of myself Sunday. There are no filters and I didnt change any of the settings before snapping. Below that is a pic of my awesome new case :).