April 13, 2013

{Relaxing Saturday}

D and I had the most relaxing laid back Saturday we've had in a long time. The teenager went off with her boyfriend about noon so D and I were kid free. Which happens often but not often enough lol. So I got dressed and we headed to Target for starters. He needed new shirts cause all of his are stained or too small. He ended up with two. Oddly enough I didn't get anything. Which he pointed out by saying "I can't believe you haven't found anything to put in the cart yet" lol. He knows me so well. But honestly I didn't need anything cause we went yesterday and got it all. I was going to head to Ulta and use the $10 to get a couple new nail polishes. But then I decided against it. I have so many bottles of all kinds of polish right now that it's ridiculous. I need to get one of those racks that so many people have for their polishes. I should look for some.

Anyway- after Target we were off to the antique mall. Oh man, that place was huge. Some of the booths had some amazing stuff and some of it was just crap. There were a lot of high chairs, baby buggies, and cribs that's for sure. But I also saw a lot of dishes and these really trippy 60's style canisters (for flour, sugar, ect) with mushrooms on them. Then we found this amazing antique stove. I'm going to guess it's from the '40's or '50's. It was a lot like this one, except it had a cover over the burners and they were in the middle. I didn't take a picture of it cause I didn't know if that would be OK and the people were standing right there lol. I didn't wanna get in trouble. But it was about $400. I told D I wanted it so bad but he said he didn't trust that it was safe. It said that it works well but one of the little heat vents were melted lol. So we figured that it probably got too hot and probably caught on fire or something. I don't know. I was really wanting it though. We also found an antique fridge and a chest freezer! Gah! We decided that I was born in the wrong era. I love anything before the 60's seriously. I love the fashion and the furniture. Should have been born in the 40's I guess lol.

After the antique mall we headed to the US Cellular store. I have been wanting a new phone for a while. I don't need one. I love my phone! It's a Galaxy S Mesmerize. But when I went in to get the phone I have I originally wanted the Galaxy S3.
But we didn't have enough points and honestly it was like $400. So I went with the phone I have now. I have basically been watching the S3 since and I knew that when they put out an upgrade for that phone, that it would go way down in price. And it did :). So we are gonna get me one in 2 weeks when he gets paid again! Weeeee! I'm so excited I could pee! I've already been on amazon looking at awesomely cute phone cases lol.

We are now home, in our sweats. We stopped at Taco Johns for dinner of course...cause that place is awwwwwesome! And we watched a movie called The Awakening. It was good. See it. It's on Netflix.

Tomorrow The teenagers mom and I are going shopping for her 16th birthday cake.

So how is your weekend going so far? :)