April 24, 2013

{No. We are not under water}

I'm pretty sure I've been asked this at least 3 times today. Yes, we are in central IL, yes we live about 3 blocks from the river, no we are not floating. There you go.

If you are not aware of what I'm talking about, I shall inform you. The river is flooding/flooded. There is water pretty much everywhere. I have seen on the news where closer to Chicago (I think) they are getting it a lot worse but for my town, it's not that bad. D and I have taken some pics to show you how much the water has risen in the last week.

 He took this one last week. This is a drive way/parking lot down by the river. On a normal day, you can drive through that. It's supposed to be dry.

Just last Sunday I took this one. As you can see, you can't even see the block where the sign is standing anymore and the sign itself is getting covered.

D was down there just this morning and he said that now this sign is pretty much totally covered. This is a record breaking level. The river hasn't been this high since the '40's. It's friggin' crazy! But never the less, we are not all floating...yet lol. It was supposed to crest today around 3pm and then it should go back down. *fingers crossed* Cause otherwise we are all in a world of hurt.

And now on to more pleasant things.

The teenager had her 16th birthday! It's crazy to think that D has a 16 year old. That we just met last year. *sigh* Anyway- her mother planned a party at Jillians Sports Grille so we all met up there. It was a good time :). The kids had fun.

Walmart got that cake all wrong. But it was pretty good anyway :).

So there you have it. My laptop just told me that I've got 10% battery left and I don't want to get up to plug it in, so that's all the time I have to update ya'll right now :). Don't forget to check me out on facebook and instagram! :)