May 2, 2013

{My Netflix Queue}

Seeing SouthernBellJM do this, I thought it looked like a good idea :). So I went right to my netflix queue and what I saw was not surprising. If you're a mother it won't surprise you either.

In my queue I have...

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

Dumbo which we have on dvd so I'm not sure why we have it in our queue lol

Tinkerbell also in our dvd collection

Oh lordy if I go through all the Disney movies I'll be here an hour. We also have Aristacats, Rescuers Down under, 2 more Tinkerbell movies, 2 Brave Little Toaster movies, and some other Disney ones.

What I want to know is where the hell are all of my movies?? Oh right, the children have taken over Netflix like they've taken over everything else in the house! Why Little Boy is upstairs right now watching Captain America for about the 20th time. *sigh*

I give up.