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August 24, 2012

{Up all night..}

What I do at 1am:

Taken with my webcam. Don't you love it? I try to do this at least once a week but I'm doing it twice this week because I got bored. Don't judge me.

A lot has been going on here lately. Nothing super exciting. But still, stuff. The older kids (Drama Queen & G) went back to school. Kind of exciting stuff!

He looks so thrilled doesn't he? This was at orientation. I didn't get any pics of the drama queens cause she didn't have an assigned seat or anything. Anyway- that's exciting stuff. G is also riding the bus to school this year. Which I find helpful since I don't want to get up and drive him lol. Their bus stop is right up the street, I can actually stand on my front porch and watch them get on the bus. So all is good with that. I'm not concerned. Last year we had troubles with his bus driver however and I hope we don't repeat those or I'm gonna open a can of whoop ass on her! ;) Or I'll let D do it, whichever.

Also, it's getting to be that time of year. I've already seen Halloween costumes displayed in stores. It's not even September yet and they're already pushing holidays down our throats. RIDICULOUS I TELL YOU!!! But I'm excited for them too! Halloween is the only holiday that D gets in to. I'm hoping to get to decorate a little more this year and make it fun :). We didn't do pumpkins last year or anything cause we just didn't have the money *sad face*. So this year I want to make it good :). No one has said what they want to be yet though. Maybe when wal-mart has its costumes out they'll start talking more about it.

With Halloween talk soon comes Christmas talk. And it freaks me out!! Christmas is so close and we don't know what the hell we're getting any of the kids yet. *sigh* Maybe I should start asking now? Avoid the craziness in Dec. Especially with the whole "the world is ending on Dec. 22nd" thing *eye roll*. I don't know how nuts it's gonna be and I don't want to be out shopping in it. People are nuts!!

So there was my random all over the place post. We're supposed to go to some Native American shindig tomorrow. I don't know what it is, but if I can take pics, you can bet your booty there will be some posted :). Good night kids!