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August 23, 2012

{Kid Mode..thank you!}

I know that I've talked a lot about apps lately, but I downloaded another one about a week ago that has been a real joy lol.

I don't know about anyone else, but Bug loves my phone. He loves to watch videos, netflix, and play games. But honestly I don't like for him to play a lot on it, not because he might break it, but because there are always so many ads on the game apps. So as he's playing things are popping up wanting him to click them and obviously he doesn't know what he's clicking on. So it was rare that he could actually go ahead and play a game without me sitting right on top of him.

Until now. I downloaded an app called Kid Mode on the android market (or google play whatever you want to call it now). The description says: "#1 App for Kids! Fun, educational games for kids 8 and under. All your child's favorite Android apps in one place. With our Child Lock feature, kids stay safely in Kid Mode!" I've heard it before though.

Let me tell you this girls, this app does what it says! You create an account and customize it with your childs picture (so they know what to click on when they enter the app) and they can play games, watch videos, listen to stories. It's awesome! Now Bug is constantly on my phone lol. I put it on the main page and he knows right where to go and does it on his own. I love it! Oh! And he can't exit the app on his own. That's one of the best parts for sure. He can get to the main page of the app, where he logs in, but it won't let him hit the home button or back until I sign him out :). It's handy.

The only thing I do not enjoy is that for more than just 1 story you have to pay for Pro. Which isn't that big of a deal because he isn't a 'story' kind of kid. But still. And I understand that if they want to keep the app running and do updates they need people to buy the pro and such. Still. Could have added a couple stories to the free one instead of just 1. But that's seriously my only complaint.

So if you're looking for a good app for your little person to use on your phone (or tablet), check this one out!