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August 15, 2012

{Renovation Realities}

I hate working on the house. Hate. But I love the finished result.

This weekend D and I (mainly D cause it's "mans work" as a friend put it lol), refinished our hardwood dining room floors. I am in love with them. They make the whole house seem cleaner. I don't know how that's possible. Then again, looking back at pictures of my floor before, I can see how it would look dirty to some people.

These pictures are before, during, and 2 afters. It might look like the floors don't match, but I assure you they do and they look amazballs!

But now we have to figure out a good color to paint the walls. Originally I was thinking a green to cover up this white/blue the sellers had painted it (along with the entire upstairs..ugh). Then today while I was looking at paint samples I came across this beauty.

It's Warm Gold by Glidden. I'm pretty much in love with it right now. We'll see in a few weeks when I actually have to buy it lol. We're going to do white base boards and white crown molding. I originally wanted wainscoting but I don't think it'll look very good in this room. *sad face*

I'm excited to get this room done so that I can start on the living room and bedroom! That's a whole new post though lol.