December 30, 2011

{I picked a good one}

I know that I should be doing my annual ‘birthday post’ since it IS G’s birthday today! I can not believe he is already 9 years old. Where the time has gone I have no clue. It feels like I was just coming home from the hospital with him a week ago and yet now he’s all independent and amazing. I have loved every single second of the last 9 years and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the entire world. He changed my life is so many amazing ways that I could not imagine having taken any other path but the one I did. He, even though he hates it, will always be my baby boy. No matter how old he is and no matter what life has planned for him. *tear* I could cry right now. That boy is so much to me and I could breathe without him. When he was a baby I used to tell him “I would curl up and die without you” and I still remember asking him, “What would you do without your mommy?” the first time and he said, “I’d curl up and die”. Oh there they go..the tears. Damn things.

‘04 Lord I love that boy.

 But I also have to talk about someone else in this post. I try not to talk too much about my relationship with D on here, mainly because I don’t think its anyone else’s business. But I have got to brag for just a minute.

We have been together 7yrs, a month after we’re married it will be 8yrs. Which in todays terms is probably equal to 50 LOL. Obviously I love him. And when I’m asked I can spout off a few reasons why, but the main one? Because he treats my son, like his own. Because not ONCE in 7yrs has G ever been his “step-son” or his “girlfriends kid”. He has always been “his” since we started living together. Always. And now is no different. We are stretched pretty thin this year. D has been working weekends and going to school during the day, he got the opportunity and we decided that in the long run it was what was best for our family. But it makes things a little harder than they would be if he was just working 40hrs a week. So we weren’t planning on spending a whole lot per kid on Christmas this year. We got their lists and tried to get as much of what they wanted on our budget, they ended up with a great list of gifts and were extremely happy. We had gotten pretty much all of the shopping done early, including G’s birthday gift (night vision goggles from bass pro). Well then my grandma mentioned that G had a list at her house too. Everything that was on his list here was on the list there except he added one extra thing to her list..a Nintendo DS. So I talked to D. I asked him what we should do, should we take back the goggles? He said no, just wrap the goggles for Christmas and we’ll figure out how to get the DS for his birthday. So I did. And we did.


It can't just be a game bag!

Thanks mom!!

Nintendo Dsi XL Super Mario Edition. He is a happy camper.

And it's because of things like the above, that I love D so much. He didn't have to give up the last of his spending money to make G happy, he did it because he loves him.