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December 20, 2011

{T-minus 4 Days! Are you done shopping??}

We pretty much are! Which is basically a first for us…ever. We are usually scrambling on Christmas Eve trying to finish everyone up. But this year we just have a couple people to shop for this week & none of them are our kids! LOL I like that. We started by shopping online this year, and I kept track of what we were buying with my Christmas List App. I tell you what, for someone who likes to be organized this time of year, that thing was a life saver. Mainly my life because D gets really tired of me realizing the day before Christmas that we have entirely too much for 1 person and not near enough for someone else LOL. It didn’t happen with that app though!

So here is our gift run down for Christmas 2011!



  1. Laptop (which was a combined birthday & Christmas from us & D’s grandma)
  2. Large DS game case (cause of right now they are floating through out the up stairs)
  3. Watch (this is going in his stocking but he needs one badly to remember to take his meds on time)
  4. Gloves (stocking)


Drama Queen

  1. Body wash (stocking)
  2. Books (that I for .25 ea. at Big Lots!)
  3. Claire’s Gift Card (to get her ears pierced)
  4. Color Purse (you color it in how you want. Super cute!)
  5. Ear Rings (Stocking)
  6. Gloves (stocking)
  7. Slippers (stocking)
  8. Monster High Sketch Book
  9. Mp3 Player (she has been bugging us for one forever!)
  10. Slap Bracelet (stocking)
  11. Watch (stocking- also something she has been wanting)



  1. Bath robe with skulls on it!
  2. Body Wash (stocking)
  3. Bow glove
  4. Night Vision Goggles
  5. Pirate Chest (costumes a split gift)
  6. Walkie Talkies
  7. Watch (stocking)
  8. Gloves (stocking)


Little Boy

  1. Imaginex Bat Cave
  2. Body Wash (stocking)
  3. Watch (stocking)
  4. Cape (stocking)
  5. Pirate Chest (split with G)
  6. How to train your dragon movies
  7. Groom & Go Toy Story 3 (a “shaving kit” for little boys)
  8. Jokers “House” to go with Bat Cave
  9. Penguin Set (to go with Bat Cave)
  10. Riddler Set (to go with Bat Cave)
  11. Lightening McQueen Car (stocking)


When I look at it all written out like that, I am still short a couple gifts. But I can easily go make them up this week. Nothing big, something small. We also tried to stay on a budget with each kid. And a lot of the Drama Queens gifts were far more expensive than what the other kids got.

But I’m excited to watch them open their gifts. I can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning.

So, what did you get your kiddos this year?