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December 20, 2011

{I heart Hard Candy!}

Rarely (if ever) have I reviewed something on this blog, but I love this line of cosmetics so much that I can’t not tell my readers (hello? Are you out there??) about it! It’s Hard Candy and sold exclusively at Walmart (they take paypal people!).

I have been a Cover Girl lover since I first started wearing make-up and rarely do I venture into another section to purchase make-up. I have always found that most of the other brands are either cakey or just don’t work with my skin (oily..thanks dad!). But when I was wandering through walmart a few months back I saw this line and fell in love with the packaging alone. I thought it was fun and girly. 2 things I enjoy LOL. I didn’t purchase though because it seemed kind of expensive for the amount you get. With 4 kids I try not to spend much on make-up. Which is why I buy CG because it last me forever. But recently I had a pretty good amount in my paypal account and it was burning a hole in my cyber pocket. It occurs to me that I should finally take the plunge and go ahead and purchase this line since I wasn’t going to be able to use the money outside of the computer (thanks for that PNC!). Plus, I’m trying to build my make-up collection for the wedding, since I’m doing my own make-up, I want to know what I’m doing. I don’t want to look like a crack head who went crazy with the eye shadow. Right?

I finally happened upon the primer which I had been wanting to try (Elle says it’s a must in most of her tutorials) for a long time, added that to my cart. And since I have such crazy under eye circles I decided to purchase the Glamoflauge concealer. For these 2 products (plus tax & shipping) it was $17.22! Probably cheaper to just buy it at the store but whatever LOL.

The minute I opened it I went to try it out! The primer is amazing! It made my skin SO soft and my foundation went on so smooth and evenly. I loved it! Then came the Glamoflauge concealer..also amazing! You only need a tiny dot to do your entire eye (which I did). It was awesome! I could still see a little dark but not near as much as without it or with the concealer I’ve been using (which was useless).

My next purchase from them is going to be the eye shadow I think.

But you girls MUST head on over to either walmart.com or walmart store and pick some of this awesomeness up!