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November 30, 2011

{I know I'm late}

But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! It's not my fault!! Nothing exciting ever happens around here and I know you guys get tired of reading the mundane stories that are my world. So that's why I didn't update about Thanksgiving before now. There was nothing to update.

D's grandma went to visit a friend that day so the kids (T, Drama Queen, and The Little Boy) and us went to a friends house to celebrate. It was just our 3 (G was with my grandparents) and their 2. It was fabulous :). His wife had quite the spread and it was so good! Nothing eventful happened though. There wasn't a big family battle or anything because we weren't with family to have one (had we been I'm sure something would have come up lol).

Oh! We're almost done Christmas shopping. I think it's the first year I have ever been this far ahead of the shopping game. I love it. I also have our decorations put up. Honestly, I've had them out since before Thanksgiving. I couldn't help myself. I love Christmas!!

Our cute little tree :) It's so short in this living room. In the trailer it touched the ceiling.

The little tree in the boys' room. Little Boy broke the stand but he was so upset when I said I had to take it out I just propped it up and left it there. We'll throw it out and get a new one next year.

Stockings; 1 for each kid & 1 for each dog ;). Along with the calender we count down to Christmas with. I've had it since I was little. I swiped it from my mom ;)

So there is my post for today :) Can't wait to post some more as we do all the fun holiday stuff.