November 12, 2011

{A Shopping Adventure}

I have been in such a funk for the last few days. D gave me money yesterday to go shopping and to my surprise I spent it all on things that were needed and 1 Christmas gift *sigh*. I don't know what's going on with me. Actually, that's a lie, I do know what's going on. But it's not something I want to delve into on a personal blog. Not right now anyway. If you're a friend then you probably already know what's going on. Blah. Anyway- on to more pleasant things!

While shopping yesterday I purchased my first actual gift from the Drama Queen.

Pretty cool right?? We actually found it at Toys R Us but I'm linking to walmart. Anyway- it comes with stencils and stickers (2 of her favorite things) and already has the girls (and maybe guys I don't know) drawn on the paper. You just lay the stencil down and design the clothes. She absolutely loves it. Yes, she saw it. She picked it out. Since it was $10 though I told her if she bought it today she had to wait for Christmas to open it, it'd be a gift from her dad and I. She was fine with that. Which was highly unusual for her lol. Normally I don't do that, I'd have went back and bought it later. But we were there and I was in a thank god I'm out of that house kind of mood. So she got it and it's now sitting in a tote under my bed waiting to wrapped and go under the tree :).

We also went to Barnes & Noble where I purchased The Help

Of course I paid $16 for it in the store and you can order it for $9 on the website or go to wal-mart and get it for $12. *sigh* Such is my luck. I'm already on chapter 7 though and I'm hooked. I've been wanting to read it since I saw the trailer for the movie. I can't wait for it to come out on DTV Cinema so I can watch it!

I also managed to introduce Drama Queen to a thing called Bop! Magazine (I think that's that one it was..or it was something like it anyway). I foresee me buying several of these magazines in the future. And I have got to figure out how to hang up the posters they come with *sigh*. I've got a teeny bopper on my hands folks.

I also managed to come up with Christmas gifts for my nephew and niece! I'm going to go the book route :)

This is for my 3mo. old niece. I know that eventually her mommy & daddy are going to read to her (if they don't already) and she is going to love these stories! I know my kids did, hell I still love them.

I have no clue what books to get for my nephew but I'm sure I'll find something he'll enjoy :)

I guess that's all I have to say for right now :)