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February 16, 2016

{These Kids Are Such Slobs!}

I don't know what to do with my kids anymore. For real. I'm going crazy here. I feel more like Rosie from the Jetsons than a mom. Cleaning up after people who just come along and trash everything all over again.
I've tried chores, no one cares if they get the rewards or not. I have tried cleaning their rooms myself and getting rid of damn near everything in them, they don't seem to care. 

And the worst one is Gaige! The kid leaves a path of destruction worse than any tornado! His room is ridiculous. I can't get him to keep it clean. I'd like to take the blame and say that because we haven't been able to get a closet and stuff built and he doesn't really have a dresser, that's the reason all his crap is all over the place. But that is so far from the case. He just doesn't pick anything up!
D and I went up stairs (which we don't do a lot because it's basically just the kids area) to search for the case to a rented game, and discovered food wrappers and plates up there. Which they all know they're not allowed to take food up there without permission because of this crap. Not to mention all the Capri suns and kool-aid bottles. It was disgusting. Who the hell wants to live like that?! Who the hell wants to climb into bed at night and be surrounded by gross stuff?! It has got to be a boy thing.
So today, when the kids get home, we are doing a deep clean of both the boys bedroom and the toy room. I'm going to move the futon from the basement (where its sat since Cassie moved in and then moved out) up to the toy room and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
D and I were thinking we might take the PlayStation out of the toyroom and put it in the bedroom and just not allow Gaige in there. Then move his bed to the toyroom so that would at least solve the problem of him feeling the need to eat while playing PlayStation. It wouldn't be in there for him to eat in front of. I don't know if I could be that mean though.
Whatever we decide to do it needs to happen in a hurry. I'm so tired of walking up there and seeing a mess. And I'm tired of having to clean up after kids all over the damn house!