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April 11, 2015

{Adventures in Broken Ankleville}

Can we just take a minute to talk about the weather we've been having lately? I've got the windows open and the back door too. I'm of course also sitting here with a blanket over me lol. But damn if it's not nice having the windows open and getting a little fresh air in here today. Especially with all the storms we've had the last couple days. Tornadoes actually touched down up by Chicago (three hours away) and completely devastated an entire town :(. It's so sad to see the pictures of the aftermath. Brings me back to what happened here a few years ago and of course the tornado that touched down just a block from us that same year.

So prayers are definitely in order for the residents of the affected towns. I really hope they can all get the help they need to rebuild and make it through this tough time.

I finally had my post op appointment on the 9th, so last Thursday. It went really well, not that I have much to compare it to since I've never had a broken anything before, nor have I ever had any kind of surgery. In fact the only thing that even comes close is having stitches after having Gaige (not pleasant for anyone wondering).

They removed the evil splint that I've been suffering with since surgery. My third one since they couldn't put a cast on until after surgery and after I had my staples out. They took some x-rays of my new hardware.

For those wondering this is my left ankle with a plate and screws. It's basically holding my ankle together. Pretty cool huh?! The small metal circles going up my leg are the staples because they took the x-ray before removing them.

After the x-rays they removed the staples which wasn't pleasant but didn't kill me and cleaned it the best they could. The doctor (not the one that did my surgery) came in and said everything looked good and gave me the go ahead to get a cast!

Let me tell you, that was a painful process. After not moving my ankle for what feels like much longer than it actually has been, they wanted me to put it flat on this metal bar so she could wrap my foot. It was awful. So awful that I almost passed out. Partly from the uncomfortable pain (which wasn't anything I couldn't but still hurt) and partly because I hadn't eaten before we left the house. The girl doing my cast gave me suckers and I ate three before I felt like I could sit up on my own without blacking out.

In the end, I got my cast. Pink of course ;)

Let me tell you people, as uncomfortable as you might think a cast is, it is way better than the splint I was in. I don't have to be as careful with it and it's far more comfortable. It doesn't wiggle around so much either. The only thing I don't like is that my pinky toe is basically smashed under my other toe. I don't know why lol. But it's slightly annoying.

Today we ended up taking a trip to Costco for the first time since I broke it also. I don't know why people don't see the friggin' electric carts coming at them but they don't. I had so many people step in front of me. When we were leaving, one lady actually nosed between D and I, she thought she was gonna get out the door before us but D refused. He said she shouldn't have been nosing in front of people in the first place. She let me through obviously so I could get up to him again.

You know what I've noticed the two times I've actually gone to a store since hurting myself? People will give you the evil eye when you're in an electric cart. Like I'm not one of those lazy people who could be walking through the store but I don't want to so I grab a cart. I don't know what their problem is. You can clearly see that I'm not able to walk. I mean, I could crutch it through the store but then they'd just be pissy that I wasn't moving as fast as they wanted me to. D says to ask them what the hell they're staring at. I wouldn't do that, I just try to ignore them and go about my business.

So that's what's going on with my ankle. Exciting stuff right? There's nothing else happening right now. I sit around the house. The only good thing about this whole mess is that I can't get up and get a snack every 10 minutes. I'm pretty much at the mercy of whomever I can get to grab me stuff. So you know what that means, I'm losing weight! :) My SIL mentioned it after seeing me on Easter. Which made me feel good. Something good has to come out of this right?

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