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April 6, 2015

{6 Things I Love About a SAHM}

I know I tend to complain a lot about my world. It gets frustrating sometimes, I think any parent working or stay at home can relate to that right? If it's not one thing it's another is what my grandma always says. But there are some good things about it too. And on days that I'm finding it really hard not to pack a bag and high tail it out of here, I need a post like this to remember why I chose to do this to myself ;).
Feel free to comment with things I've over looked that you love about being a SAHM or a WAHM or a mom that has a job outside the home :)

1. Volunteering for the School
I didn't do this a whole lot with Dawn and Gaige when they were little so I'm really taking advantage now. I love that when Owens teacher sends home a slip asking for volunteers for a class party or to help on a field trip, I can check the I'll be there box. I have missed two of his events this year and to be honest it almost killed me. I love watching him interact with the kids and how his teacher interacts with him (which is a whole other subject entirely). He's growing up so fast I don't want want to miss a minute!

2. No Bra No Pants No Problem
It is absolutely no secret that I am not a fan of wearing pants or a bra. Do I? Yes. But only if I have to. Meaning I will debate about not going somewhere simply because I don't feel the need to put on a bra that day. Pants are a different story. While I do wear pants every day all day, they are usually of the sweat or yoga variety. I love nothing more than slipping on a clean pair of lounging pants and buzzing about my house getting stuff done. Or sitting on the couch watching bad reality TV. Whichever catches my fancy that morning.

3. Free Time Well Spent
Every mom needs me time. No mom is the exception to this rule. Now when I first put Owen in school last year I thought I would die of boredom without a kid in the house. But I've come to enjoy it. I take him to school and then I've got until 3pm to do as I please. Sometimes I go shopping with my sister and sometimes I do the things mentioned in #2. It all depends on my mood. But the decision is mine to make no matter what.

4. No Set Hours
This is a plus and a con honestly. I love that I can do things on my own time frame most of the time. There's no one hounding me to get things done or to finish a job on top. For the most part, I go at my own pace with pretty much everything. Sure there are things I need to get done in a day, but no one is going to fire me from being their mom if I don't get them done lol. Unless I have an appointment to be at, I get my errands and work done as fast or slow as I see fit. That is awesome.

5. I can Sent My Coworkers to their Room
Yes! When the people I'm surrounded by start to drive me crazy, I don't have to simply sit there and bite my tongue. I simply say Take that crap to your room and BOOM! I don't have to deal with it anymore. For anyone that has had coworkers who made them want to pull their hair out (and who of us haven't at some point, right?) this is a real blessing!

6. I Get a Huge Paycheck
Not a paper one. It's also not direct deposit. No my pay comes in the form of an excited squeal when they realize I brought home pizza for dinner or got them a new pair of shoes. It comes in the form of hugs and kisses. It's not something I take to the bank or something I can buy a new bag with (though wouldn't that be awesome?!), it's much better. I know it's sappy, but I love this form of pay :).