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April 19, 2015

{ #weightwatchers Update}

Since I broke my ankle I have not been weighing in. I just kept telling myself there was no point since it would be off anyway. There's no way I would like the number on a scale having 2-3 extra lb on my leg. So my weight tracker got lonely. And my weight watchers app reminded me of this pretty much daily. I just didn't feel comfortable weighing in though.

I have been tracking my points though. I put everything in even if it means I'm screwed lol. I've been doing really good. I ask for oranges and plums mainly for snacks and try to stick to low point meals for dinner and lunch. I don't really eat breakfast these days. D has been good about making sure I don't snack too much on the wrong things. He keeps plenty of fruit in the house for me.

On Easter my sister in law said that I looked like I was losing weight. Which made me feel really good because at that point I hadn't even gotten my cast yet and I was still having to wear D's sweats since they were the only thing that went over my splint. I was not feeling very good about myself to be honest. I felt gross. Not that I felt that great before because I just kept gaining instead of losing. Ugh. The struggle is real girls I tell you what!

Today though I decided that I might as well hop on and see what I'm at. I get my cast off in a couple weeks and I will need some kind of reference you know? So I stepped in the scale, holding my broken ankle up and this is what I saw!

I just can't believe it! To be completely honest I've lost more than 3.8lb because the day of my surgery they weighed me and I was 208. So yeah. I lost all that and then some :). I'm lighter than when I started weight watchers! I'm so pleased with myself!

I can't wait to get my cast off and see how much I weigh without that! But I'll start weighing in again now that I feel more comfortable with it :)

I'm so excited!!