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April 15, 2014

{Take Responsibility}

When Cassie moved in here a month ago we told her that a good way to piss us off is to lie and bullshit us. Turns out since she's started school that's all she has been doing.

She tells us one thing and tells her teacher another. She expects us to just believe her I guess and not bother to check up on her story. She should know by now that we are not those parents. When we say we are going to do something or we are not going to do something, we stick to that.

So when her grades werent improving (well 3 of them did) I told her that she needed to go to her teachers and ask them about her grades, and figure out what assignments she was missing and if she could turn them in now. I told her that 2 weeks ago when I got into her Skyward account (access to her grades). But she didn't. She kept putting it off.

In my last post I said that I'd warned her that if her grades didn't improve that she was going to lose her phone, and that I didn't want her to be all pissy about it. I warned her twice. But apparently she didn't hear that part because she was shocked today when we confronted her about her grades this afternoon.

I'm pretty sure that she thought she was going to bullshit her way through this progress report because she didn't start until the middle of March. But she was wrong.

What gets me is that she would be passing every class if she would just do her homework. So that tells me that she could get straight A's if she just tried to do anything.

But taking selfies are far more important than her grades or graduating.

She also kept telling us that she only needed to pass one more class to graduate. Which is not completely true. She will have enough credits to graduate but she won't meet the requirements to graduate if she doesn't pass these 3 classes she is failing right now.

In the end, she's pissed off and too bad for her. She had her chance she had warnings. She will learn or she won't.