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April 12, 2014

{Its Easter Time!}

I am so sad.

I asked Gaige what I should put in his basket this year. I never know what to get him. And all he wants is *gasp* money. What?? How is it possible that my little boy is already to the age that he just wants money in his basket? Doesn't he know I'm not ready for that yet?

So I bought him this! Hahaha he's gonna love it! And I also got him some silly string. D bought him a new bike not that long ago so he told him that would be his big thing for Easter.

I bought Dawn a new duffle bag with Love written across the front. And she got some body butter and flip flops. She has been very...not good...lately and I don't think rewarding her is such a good idea at this point. *Sigh* That's a whole other post though.

Owen...is my favorite lol. He still believes in all this stuff so he's still fun to shop for. It went so fast with the older 2 that I am going to savor this every single minute too!

He is really into Ninja Turtles. So I got him turtle sun glasses, body wash, some figure named metal head, turtle easter eggs and some stickers. I also got him a small lap desk (for our trip) and some minion bubble bath. He is also getting silly string..cause what is an Easter basket without silly string? I think that's it.

I can't wait to see his cute little face when he sees that the easter bunny came :)

Whats the Easter bunny bringing to your house?