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February 17, 2013

{Shut up Brain!!}

Don't you hate it when you're tired all.day.long but when you lay your head down on that nice soft pillow, your brain won't shut up so you can catch some much needed Z's? I do. It's happening to me as I type this. I'm tempted to knock back some Nyquil. But then I'd probably over sleep the doctors appointment I made for G for tomorrow. Why do I make doctors appointments so early? True true, 1130am is closer to noon than morning, but whatever. On a day that I don't have to be up, I don't want to be up. Such is life I suppose.

Drum practice before church at Dayspring United Methodist NAF.

All day during church all I could think was Good heavens please don't let me fall asleep in front of all these people. I had decided to sit in the front row (not where this picture was taken). I almost did at one point. I just could not keep my eyes open. It probably had something to do with D kicking me all night hogging up my bed. Which he will tell you didn't happen when we had the California King but let me tell you, it did.

We managed to get the ceiling almost completely painted on Saturday. Well, I say we like it wasn't just me. D came in in the last few minutes and told me I'd done it wrong and took over. Then he decided after about 15min. of complaining that he'd had enough and "we" were done for the day. Whatever. It looks way better white than that greenish khaki color. I don't have any pictures yet. I'll do another post about it when we get the crown molding up.

Also on Saturday The Teenager and I decided to head to the theater to see Mama. We went to the 9:20 show and I decided to go the comfy route :)

I've decided that if I ever go for a casual movie night again (meaning it's not a date night), I'm totally wearing PJ pants and a hoodie. Screw getting dressed up. I sat in a dark theater. Which reminds me, there was a guy that sat down about 2 seats down from me, who smelled so bad of cigarette smoke I almost spritzed him with Katy Perry perfume. Omg! And then he got up in the middle of the movie to go smoke. I was not a happy camper. But anyway- what what I talking about? Oh right, the movie was pretty good. Creepy in a few places but not really worth the money we paid to see it (which was ridiculous just so you're aware! Holy crap!). I didn't like the ending. I thought it was stupid. In the end it was a renter but it was a good little girl date :-).

I'm not pregnant. The Teenager keeps telling me that cause I'm gassy and can't get full, I'm knocked up. DISLIKE!! I am not. No more babies coming out of me missy!

Hmmm...is there anything else I would like to ramble on about? *thinks* I guess not. so I'll leave you, at 11:30pm to read my book. Oh! That's something to talk about. I bought a book today at walmart for $9. Honestly I don't buy books anymore on a whim cause the last time I did, I didn't read it..oops. But this one is 2 books in 1, both by Alyson Noel called Keeping Secrets. I'm only 3 pages in but so far so good. I'm sure I'll do a little review on it when I'm done :-). What are you guys reading?

OK...now I'm done :-) Good night folks!