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February 27, 2013

{Home Schoolin' Again}

I think we should all remember 2 years ago when I decided not to enroll G back in our district (at the time) because they were refusing to give him the help he needed. In fact, they were going to hold him back a year and not give him any extra help at all. Which pissed me off. There is a reason they are one of the worst schools in the state (probably the country). Anyway- when we started in the new district last year I was very pleased with his teacher. I think she reminded him a lot of his grandmother and so he respected her quite a bit. I was so proud of how well he progressed. By the end of the year he was reading a little under his grade level and he was doing his work. I couldn't think of one bad thing to say about her at all.

This year I got a different vibe from his teacher. She didn't give off that "I want to help" feeling. I don't know, maybe it was just mother intution but I knew she was going to cause problems, and she did, right off the bat. She failed him on his spelling test because he used capital letters. Yeah. All the words were spelled right, but he got an F. I was pissed. So I told her not to do it anymore. I don't think she liked me after that. But he had such a rough time last year that I didn't want that kind of thing making him not want to try. Who cares if he uses capital letters? The words were spelled right. Still makes me mad when I think about it.

Anyway- a bunch of things unfolded after Christmas that I do not want to get into. They had me believing my kid was completely in the wrong, I later found out that is not the case at all. His behavior was a result of they (she) were speaking to him and treating him. He has never been a "kid" really. We speak to him like he's an adult and we expect him to behave in a certain way. He's pretty laid back and mellow when it comes to anything. Can he be a pain? Yeah, he's 10 lol. As a result of all the crap being dealt and the BS we started calling on the school (the teacher, principal, and superintendent were all backing each other up), D and I made the decision to home school the rest of the year and he could test back in next fall. He would be at a new school and if that didn't work out, we'd home school until he was ready to be at school. He's going to get an education no matter what obviously.

We signed him back up for Time 4 Learning which he loves, and I have plenty of friends to help me through the rest of the year with things he can do. We think we might have him do it through summer also so that he can maybe be a little ahead of the class next year. Or at least know what to expect as far as work? I don't know.

Another upside to this arrangement is that Little Boy wants to work on the computer too. We're signing him up for ABC Learning and he will do Pre-K and Kindergarten work. :) I'm pretty excited about it. Anything to help my boys get on the right track for next year is a good thing for us.

So that's what's going on with us...what's happening with you?