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June 19, 2012

{I heart social media!}

I knew there was a reason I am so obsessed with facebook and twitter. And here it is...


Last night in between trying to sleep off the migraine I was experiencing and fighting off the overwhelming urge to vomit, I checked Twitter. What else would I do?

I saw one of my favorite authors (Sarah Dessen) retweet a tweet from Molly Ringwald. "On my way to a kids film premiere with my 8 yr old and her BFF. I claim NO responsibility for her outfit. Kinda like the prom dress in PIP.." And so I tweeted back (which you can see from the pic up there). And about 2min. later my phone let me know I had a mention! I checked it and it was HER!! I couldn't believe it. I almost had a heart attack lol. The only other person who has ever mentioned me that is a "celebrity" (and I use the term as loosely as when I'm referring to Kim Kardashian as a "celebrity"), was Crystal Harris. Nothing exciting, just answering a question I had about The Girls Next Door. But Molly Ringwald is a real celebrity. And I LOVE her movies!

For those not cool enough to have seen her movies..

And the absolute favorite..

As of 2008 she is also the mother of a 15 year old who got pregnant, in Secret Life of the American Teenager.

If you haven't seen any of her movies...you need to head to netflix :). But that is my excitement for the day. Sure made me happy!