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June 14, 2012

{Life with a TEENAGER}

Oh lordy. I was not ready to become the parent of a teenager so fast. I'm still navigating my way through a pre schooler, a grammar schooler, and a middle schooler. I'm not ready for the dreadedteen years. But here they are.

We are all aware that D has gotten back in touch with his daughter correct? I shall just call her "the teenager" cause that's what she is lol. At first when we started spending time with her, being the parent to a 15yr old was not so bad. And then some drama went down and we have her for the summer (looking to make that permanent). We got her room set up already. That took some work I tell you what. Drama Queen moved to a smaller room right off the boys room so that The Teenager could have her own space. Which is fine. It was my idea to put her there in the first place. Then we painted her room purple, which I thought was going to look horrible but I was wrong. All of these things are things that I could live with, I had no problem with a little home improvement and switching rooms and such. Not a big deal.

Then it happens. The Teenager has a boyfriend. Did you hear that?? My heart stopped beating for a minute there. At first I did not particularly care for him. Could have been because every time she wanted him to come over he stood her up and made an excuse as to why he couldn't make it that night, could have been that her friend talked made sh*t about him. I don't know. Probably a little of both. But he finally made it over here one weekend and didn't even sit in the living room for 2 minutes before they were heading off to her room and such. Which annoyed the piss out of me. When I was dating a guy my grandparents almost always had a sit down and figured out what the guy was all about. Not that I dated that many guys, but they got to know them. It was the same with my brothers and their girlfriends. So yeah. It's what I was expecting. Apparently I didn't make myself very clear. I labeled him a douche bag and went on with life hoping she would find someone else, and this boy was just a passing faze. *sigh* This did not happen. Lover Boy (which is what I shall call him lol) came over again after hearing that I am not crazy about him. We talked for a good long time about this and that. He talked about his parents and how his dad is a class A douche nozzle. Which explains quite a bit actually. He reminds me quite a little bit of my brother in-law. I do not think he is a douche bag any longer. I still don't trust him because he has a penis, and you can't trust anything with a penis, but I won't put up a fight if the wish to see each other.

Until of course he breaks her heart...and then all hell shall break loose on his balls :)