July 25, 2012

{End of Summer Post}

I can not believe that it's already almost time to register the kids for school. Not only that but they actually start school on the 23rd of August! Really wish it would have been cooler so we could have done a little more. Or maybe gone on vacation. *sigh* Next summer I swear we are going somewhere. I don't care what the husband says.

But here are some fun things we did this summer.

The teenager and I tie dyed her bedroom curtains. They look a hot mess in the picture but they turned out really good. She also got her room painted (purple) and hung up a ton of stuff to personalize it.

Swimming at the grandparents house! Something we did several times. Good times!

We went to the Miller Park Zoo on one of the hottest days ever. But still had a great time! This is hands down our favorite zoo.

Spent some time at the splash park here in town. Love this place! On a hot day we can head on up there, get good and soaking wet, and come home for lunch. It's awesome!

And spent some quality time with my nephew Monkey :) I lovers him and he loves his aunt Kristin. Probably because I always have popsicles and I take to places like the splash park lol.

Well, that's all the pictures I've got for you unfortunately. We didn't do anything super exciting. But we had a good summer :).